The Škibin family

In The Krasna house, warm, temperamental, and romantic Istria and the hardy, charming, and inspiring Karst are closely intertwined in every corner and at every step, just like its owners, Dajana and Boris Škibin. As she is from Istria, and he from the Karst, together they are a perfect combination of inspiration, the will to live, motivation, and work discipline.

Buying an old Karst homestead, infusing it with new life and turning it into a boutique family hotel, was their dream project, a dream come true that they are infinitely proud of and to which they return every day with love and their two daughters Eva and Taja, and smiles that they unobtrusively and selflessly pass on to anyone who walks through the door of their House of Krasna.


Dajana Budak Škibin

“Brings a warm, temperamental and romantic touch from Istria.”

Tip: At breakfast, find her top-quality jams which she prepares all summer from her own produce.


Boris Škibin

“Adds a charming and inspiring sense of the Karst.”

Tip: For the best choice of wine at a gourmet dinner, tap Boris’s sleeve.

Renovation of the Krasna house

What Boris’ grandfather failed to do, Boris and his Diana succeeded. The story of the House of Krasna begins in 2011 when the Škibin couple were shown the possibility of buying an old Karst homestead right next to Boris’ birth house. An abandoned homestead, which Boris’ grandmother had in mind decades ago and wanted to buy at a local auction, but unfortunately did not succeed.

The homestead stood in a small Karst village called Lokev, known mainly for its excellent gastronomic offer and the first prosciutto factory in the Karst, as well as for its pleasant climate and good energy. In the past, Lokev was the choice of city elites from neighbouring Trieste, who wanted a relaxed holiday enriched with fine wines and delicious food.

At the time of purchase, Boris and Dajana were determined to enrich the tourist offer of the place and realize their long-held dream of a boutique family hotel, where they will sleep well and eat even better. They started to build their dreams and from the old homestead a few years later, The Krasna house grew in the same place – a house of hospitality and goodness of the Karst and Istria, built with respect for the place and Karst tradition and infrastructure. All with the intent to make guests relax and enjoy all the pleasures that life has to offer.

Only four years after the opening, The Krasna house received one of the most prestigious culinary awards, the Michelin Plate Award 2020, which was doubled in the following year and in then again in 2022 with the new title Michelin Recommendation, for its top cuisine, achieving the goal of the Škibin family – to combine the beauties of the Karst, comfortable and relaxed accommodation with a focus on digital detoxing, and thus restoring balance with oneself and nature and top-quality cuisine with Karst and Istrian traditional flavours, with an emphasis on seasonal and locally grown ingredients, which they present and share in a modern way with their guests.

Relaxed and serene.

Life is never in a hurry. Welcome to Krasna.

The temple of Karst delicacies.

Krasna's stop for tastings of Karst delicacies - wines, cheeses, prosciutto, homemade bread from the bread oven.

We love the Karst.

Enjoy every day outdoors. By bike, on a picnic with our basket of goodies, on a Lipizzaner or a nearby hill.