Green Cuisine

Living green?  We’re in!

Following the award of the GREEN KEY sustainability certificate in the GREEN ACCOMMODATIONS category, we’ve decided to take it a step further and also get GREEN CUISINE certified.

Re-designing the whole food system – but how?

  • First, it’s essential to rethink how we produce and consume food. This involves changing mindsets, trying out new things and being quick on the uptake.
  • The focus should be on a system that promotes biodiversity, regeneration, nutrient-rich and wholesome food, fairness and health.
  • What we need is a change of course: fostering collaboration between farmers, consumers, financiers, governments, businesses and NGOs.

Working collectively towards a food production system that will not only feed us but one that also celebrates life by adding colour and flavour to our plates, enticing our taste buds and, most importantly, securing the future of this planet. 

What are some of the simple steps we can take when it comes to food in our day-to-day lives?

Start planning your meals. It’s recommended to eat several, at least three, meals throughout the day.  Next, you can start buying locally from sustainable producers. Try making healthy meals. Planning out what groceries to buy and where to buy them might be worth a try. It’s also good to note that not buying certain products will keep demand down, which can lead to them being discontinued.

What about our restaurant?

  • We approach our work  responsibly, moderately, respectfully, and most importantly, by fostering connections with other people.
    Our operations involve local farmers. Sourcing local, organic, traditional and seasonal ingredients is our top priority.

  • In line with the zero-waste principle, we try to use up everything, which can take us on a journey of discovering new flavours. A zero-waste kitchen can excite the taste buds in unexpected ways.

  • The water running from our taps is fresh and safe. There’s no need for single-use packaging, which makes serving it environmentally friendly.

  • Being invested in the professional and personal growth of our employees, we try to operate in a way that is a win-win for all sides.

  • In addition, we have partnered up with catering schools to give students an opportunity to train with us.

    Teamwork makes the dream work! Acting today for a better tomorrow.